Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Yandex Feeds

It looks like I migrate my feeds every year or so. Before moving to a self-hosted solution once and for all I decided to give a try to one last service, Yandex.Subscriptions (or Яндекс Лента).

Upon creating an account at Yandex Mail, all you have to do is click the Feeds tab and import your subscriptions. The look and feel is pretty standard, no bells and whistles, just the functionality you would expect from a rss reader. Instead of starring posts as your favorites, there is a flag function, together with labels –color-coded tags collection.

Yandex Feeds :: Standard Mode

One of the first things I did was switching to a dark theme, which you can see on all the screenshots. The feed reader can be switched to compact mode, together with the usual keyboard shortcuts mapping this makes the reading experience straightforward and painless.

Yandex Feeds :: Compact Mode

If there is one thing I miss from my google reader experience though, it is automatic feed translation. Without jumping through hoops and creating for example individual yahoo pipe for each foreign feed, just telling google to always translate the feed for me worked wonders.

Google Reader :: Feed Translation

Even though Yandex offers translation of emails, feeds get the short end of the stick in this regard.

Yandex Feeds :: Gibberish

But all in all I can't complain, it's a solid feed reader, importing my subscriptions was almost instant and it just works and works well. Let's enjoy it till it lasts.

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