About me

In the winter of 2005 I had my first encounter with 3DS Max. In summer of 2006 I received a 2nd place in a texturing/rendering competition Rendermania, repeating the success in the winter of the same year. Within a year from that I became a certified instructor of 3DS Max at Autodesk Academia Silicon Hill in Prague. I held the position for one year when I got an offer from Michelle Bivotti studio to be a part-time 3D Artist, and shortly afterwards another one from my design studio leader to work on a speed-skating hall project. As the workload during the term was lower than before, I was able to accept both offers and still continue teaching. The next year, 2008, I was one of two students of the faculty to qualify for a one-year Erasmus stage in Sweden which proved to be a perfect complement to my previous studies because I had to switch from thinking in terms of construction and economics to a conceptual approach.

Upon returning from Sweden I had to take the state exams before signing up for the master thesis, and apart from studying for the exams I used the time to work full-time at Michelle Bivotti. By that time I knew enough MAX Script to write a few small scripts and make my work easier – many of them are still in use in the company. I also made a small file browser which later on transformed to an asset management system for the 3D divison.

I finished Czech Technical University receiving an honourable mention for the architectural and construction solution and went back to Sweden to continue and finish my studies there. The thesis work at Chalmers was carried on in close cooperation with Cecilia Aronsson and our examiner Magnus Månsson.

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