Select by length

Recently I found myself cleaning up quite heavy terrain mesh where many tiny edges had to be collapsed. Yet another task for maxscript, and as this time I had some time extra I expanded the tool to work on editable splines as well:
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Select every n-th

During the last project I had to deal with quite many different selections in a procedural way. To make my life easier I created a simple tool to handle selecting every n-th element of the current selection. This is the barebone version of the main function.
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Simple vertex positions caching When your vertices get misplaced too often

A forum member at maxarea asked about the possibility to retrieve the original positions of certain mesh vertex, something like an undo for single vertex movement without having to undo moving all the other vertices that changed their position in the process of tweaking the mesh (original discussion: Maxarea :: Modelování s relativními posuny vertexů). While it definitely isn't the best way to do it, it looked like a nice maxscript exercise. Anyway, here is the rough code:
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