Maxscript one-liners for artists

There are many cases when doing something by hand is too tiresome and you can get it done really fast with some simple maxscript knowledge.
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Select Random Elements by Percentage

This little script allows you to randomly select a number (given by percent) of elements in a mesh. Works both on editable poly and editable mesh objects. Note that for certain usage scenarios, applying MaterialByElement modifier and using the ID percentages generated by that might be faster.

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Using Mousewheel with Sliders

There exists an underused feature of the sliders in max that allows you to increase/decrease their value just by rolling the mousewheel. In a default state, there's a catch, once you roll your wheel and the value changes, the spinner loses focus and you have to click it again to be able to repeat the success. However, this is easy to fix:
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Incremental Grid Slice

If you ever needed a lot of individual chunks instead of a large mesh, you know that it's not so easy to spilt the mesh (in a grid) and detach all the resulting elements into individual meshes. If you only need to separate it in let's say 10,000 individual pieces, this script may be for you:

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Random UVW Map Gizmo Shift

Recently I've been asked by a co-worker to write a very simple script to randomly shift UVW Map gizmo of selected objects by an amount in a given range. And that's what it does. I'm open to any suggestion as to how to increase its usefulness, though.

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Spline - Connect Vertices

As the standard way of connecting vertices in a spline has always been a personal pet peeve of mine I've made this small macroscript and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut. Before using that I'd occasionally stumble upon a case where Create Line method would ask me if wanted to weld the vertices and whether I picked Yes or No the new line wouldn't be created. This as well as some snapping issues made me write the script. So much for the background, I hope it will be useful for someone else as well.

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