Get heaviest objects

This time I will post a really simple function to get a number of heaviest meshes (in terms of face count) from given object set. As it's nothing fancy, there's not much to explain about it  – but maybe someone will find it useful:
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Simple to-do list

Following the question asked in ScriptSpot Forums :: Working checklist I decided to make the code snippet usable in real life and made a basic to-do list with automatic saving and loading of the tasks (saves a different file for each user), resizable interface and... well, no other distractions at all. As usual, no .mse, just plain text for you to have a look at and reuse:
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Randomly switch object positions

The following function comes in handy when e.g. populating parking lots with many different cars. This way you only need to use one type of car for each section (and dummy helpers as placeholders for empty ones) and the randomness is then achieved by using this function:
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