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As the standard way of connecting vertices in a spline has always been a personal pet peeve of mine I've made this small macroscript and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut. Before using that I'd occasionally stumble upon a case where Create Line method would ask me if wanted to weld the vertices and whether I picked Yes or No the new line wouldn't be created. This as well as some snapping issues made me write the script. So much for the background, I hope it will be useful for someone else as well.

macroScript connectSplineVerts
    category:   "Advanced"
    buttonText: "Connect Verts"
    toolTip:    "Connect Spline Vertices"
--  author:      Vojtech Cada
--  email:
    if selection.count == 1 AND isKindOf (local obj = selection[1]) Shape then
        local splineCount = numSplines obj
        local knotCount = 0
        local knotPositons = #()

        fn drawLine2Points spline point1 point2 =
            local index = addNewSpline spline
            addKnot spline index #corner #line point1
            addKnot spline index #corner #line point2
            updateShape spline

        for spline = 1 to splineCount
            where (local selectedKnots = getKnotSelection obj spline) != #() do
                join knotPositons (for knot in selectedKnots collect getKnotPoint obj spline knot)
                if (knotCount += selectedKnots.count) > 2 do exit

        if knotCount != 2 then
            messageBox "Exactly 2 vertices have to be selected."
        else drawLine2Points obj knotPositons[1] knotPositons[2]
    else messageBox "No spline selected!"

USAGE: Run the script and find it in the Advanced category in the Customize UI dialog. assign a shortcut to it, put it to quadmenu or toolbar, do whatever you may want to with it. Select two spline vertices and fire it up.

UPDATE: a version supporting multiple vertices is now available at ScriptSpot as Connect Spline Vertices.

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